Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nouveau skirt

Size: 8, Composition: 100% Silk chiffon with silk dupion scolloping 
 Label: Amber Whitecliffe
Price: NZ$50 + postage, Condition: New.


  1. This skirt is gorgeous! What are the measurements on the waist? Because I'm size 8-10 and I want to be sure that it'll fit me.

  2. I will double check when i get back to my workroom tonight! thanks for the interest and lovely comments :) amber x

  3. Hey! Sorry about the late reply! The skirt waistband measures 69cm (It is meant to sit high waisted-around your bellybutton which makes it a 10, but if you are tiny (6-8) then you will fit it around your hips). Hope that helps! MUCH LOVE X