Monday, November 8, 2010

Garden Party

Size: 8-10, Composition: Polyester Chiffon, lining and lace trim
 Label: Amber Whitecliffe
Price: NZ$30 + postage, Condition: Worn previously.

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  1. Amber i would love to buy some of your things for my honeymoon! like this dress if it fits -
    maybe i could check some out when you measure me for Jaz's bridesmaid dress - could you bring this and that pink skirt above with you?! any any other pretty things you think might suit!!!
    i pretty much have no time in my life - although perhaps you could pop pver some time friday evening? i will only be doing wedding chores i think, 6pm would be good,
    wish i could have spoken to you more at my Hen's, i miss you
    LOVE Emie Faris xox